Rejuvenate an apartment before moving in, which loan should you choose?

Choosing to move into an old apartment can sometimes require rejuvenating it by carrying out work, or by improving the decoration.

But the heaviest works sometimes require to advance a large sum and to make a credit work may be the solution to carry them out without waiting. But which credit to choose? Depending on the situation and your needs, we guide you to make the best choice.



Redecorating several rooms such as bedrooms, living room or kitchen should not be taken lightly either.

Large installations

Work on large complexes such as heating, plumbing or even electricity often represents significant sums. But these works are often heavy and prevent any use of the apartment, so it makes sense to do them at the same time so that you can move in quickly.

• Heater

The older apartments can still be equipped with inefficient and polluting heating systems. Like for example a wood heating, oil heating, or even cast iron radiators. Coupled with poor insulation of the apartment, your energy bill may increase. Installing a more efficient, but also more ecological system is a viable long-term solution, even if the investment may seem significant at the start. Also keep in mind that heating and plumbing systems are particularly susceptible to frost in winter, so choose to do it between spring and fall.

• Plumbing and electricity

Like heating, plumbing and electricity are important jobs that take time and often take up space in the apartment. By doing them before you move in, you can save time and be less impacted by the inconvenience caused by them. In addition, it should not be forgotten that standards apply, especially for electrical installations. Some insurance companies may refuse to insure you if the electrical system in your apartment is too old and dangerous.

Coatings and walls

To rejuvenate your apartment, the simplest and most visible will be to redo the walls and floors of your new apartment. Most of this work does not require having too specific tools or extensive experience in the field, and you can very well do it yourself, and why not with the help of your loved ones, or by calling on a community of DIY enthusiasts ready to help others.

Redo the decoration

Redo the decoration

And if it was enough to simply redecorate your apartment to rejuvenate it before you move in? Whatever the room or rooms redecorated, updating your apartment is also a very good way to make it your own by personalizing it with your tastes.

• Bedroom

Dedicated to rest, the bedroom remains one of the rooms in your apartment where you will spend the most time. And beyond the choices concerning the floor and the walls, you can completely take advantage of your move in to change your furniture. And no need to buy new furniture, because you can resell your furniture on one side to finance new furniture. Indeed for several years buying second-hand furniture, or restored by individuals has been very trendy in addition to promoting sustainable consumption.

• The living room

True living room, the living room is both the room where you can relax, but also receive guests. In order for your apartment to best reflect your personality and your interior design concept before you move in, you should be careful to decorate this room well. You can completely furnish your new living room with your old furniture, or you can turn to associations that offer second-hand furniture and that promote professional integration. These allow people in integration to find a job while providing quality work for customers committed to a civic approach.

• The kitchen

The kitchen is also an important room in all accommodation. Even if it is small, kitchen designers are increasingly offering ready-to-install integrated kitchen models suitable for all sizes. If on the contrary, your kitchen is more spacious, you can take the opportunity to install a dining area with a table that will accommodate your family. You can save money by asking friends to help you renovate your kitchen, but also by using recycled materials. You can, for example, use several boards, fix them together to obtain an inexpensive and above all greener kitchen table.

Outdoor spaces

Outdoor spaces

Renovating the outdoor spaces of your accommodation well is both important for the safety of the people using them, but also for having a clean and neat space to accommodate guests. Whether it is high up with a balcony or more simply a terrace, maintaining them regularly will save you a lot of inconveniences.

• The balcony

A balcony is in principle located in height and it is, therefore, necessary to ensure that its installation is not dangerous, if you have any doubt, do not hesitate to call in a professional to check its condition. To redo the usable part of your balcony, you can have the help of a few friends to, for example, renovate the floor with new tiling. And if you need materials or tools, you can find on the internet specialized material exchange sites such as tile cutters at a lower cost. You can also find on classified ads sites, individuals who resell materials bought in excess for their own balcony.

• The terrace

In summer a terrace is always very appreciated to enjoy the beautiful days with family or friends. Whether to make a new one or to renovate the old terrace of the house in which you are going to move in, you can apply for a terrace credit. By planning the completion of work on your terrace in the spring, you can quickly take advantage of it in the summer, and thus fully enjoy your new accommodation in which you have just moved.

Helen Honey