Credit for the wedding – a problem the appropriate loan volume

Are you planning your wedding? Big or small? Should a loan for the wedding ensure the financial framework? But you are not sure how much money you need?

We would like to present your loan offers that match your ideas. An installment loan may be an option, but it is not always the most appropriate form of financing. Find out which regular alternatives are possible and how quickly a “last minute” installment loan can be paid out.

Credit for the wedding – a problem the appropriate loan volume

Credit for the wedding - a problem the appropriate loan volume

The majority of couples have the prerequisites of good creditworthiness to receive a tailor-made loan for the wedding. Much more difficult than getting a loan in principle is the question of the amount of credit actually required. All weddings, whether large or small, still face the same challenge. The key question is how much money do the wedding gifts bring back.

In principle, this eliminates the total effort as a key measure of the necessary credit volume. In some cases, it is clear after the wedding that a loan was completely unnecessary. The bottom line was that cash gifts kept the bride and groom “free of charge”. In most cases, the newlyweds only make a small contribution to the celebrations. Determining the appropriate loan amount for serious credit planning is almost impossible.

Couples are wondering whether it might not make more sense to expand the overdraft facility as a loan for the wedding. After all, festivities have ended, there is still time to convert the overdraft facility into a low-interest installment loan. This variant would be conceivable, but not necessarily inexpensive from the perspective of financing costs. – But, with a good common credit rating, the banking industry knows low-interest alternatives to the overdraft facility.

Framework credit – finance at low-interest rates and flexibly

Framework credit - finance at low-interest rates and flexibly

Framework loans have a shadowy existence in Germany due to the lack of advertising. Hardly anyone knows a loan that is almost as flexible as an overdraft facility but is granted almost as cheaply as an installment loan. Taking a closer look at this regular loan model is recommended for anyone who wants to seriously finance unpredictable loan requirements. A credit line is applied for, similar to an installment loan.

A sensible credit line for the upcoming wedding covers every conceivable loan requirement without taking into account the expected monetary gifts. The framework credit account can be set up within a few days. The required funds are available in the checking account within 24 hours. In the best case, if a cent of credit was not required, the loan would not cost any interest.

Financing costs only arise for withdrawn funds. The interest rate roughly corresponds to an installment loan. The flexible repayment also speaks for the wedding loan as a credit line. Repayments can be made at any time and in any amount. To pay monthly would only be the interest costs actually incurred. Taking out credit for the wedding as a credit line allows maximum flexibility at the lowest cost.

An installment loan for the wedding – fast online loan

An installment loan for the wedding - fast online loan

Should the wedding only be pre-financed through the overdraft facility? Then after the wedding celebrations, the bride and groom are in a hurry to reschedule the overdraft facility. Compared to the installment loan, an average overdraft facility costs about five times as much interest. But, at least now the required loan amount is finally determined. With the clear numbers behind you, it is now a matter of discovering a low-interest offer that is paid out quickly.

Overall, a number of things have changed on the online loan market in terms of payment speed. Loans applied for at low-interest rates via a free loan comparison can be paid out within just 48 hours. Wedding credit is made possible by almost complete automation of the process.

Young people usually carry all the necessary technical requirements to use Good Finance with them. An option for video telephony via Skype is required. Every commercially available smartphone fulfills this function. Instead of several days before the legally binding loan application, it only takes about 30 minutes. Credit approval is thus possible within 24 hours. Approved credit would be paid out on the following booking day.

Good Credit – always the right loan offer

Good Credit - always the right loan offer

In theory, any free loan comparison could lead to the right wedding loan. We still recommend all couples to compare credit on Good Credit. The credit brokerage portal Good Credit has the best reputation for brokering credit in all situations. With the free credit comparison calculator, Good Credit provides a daily credit comparison that leaves nothing to be desired.

All relevant credit providers are actually recorded. Loans at special conditions would be possible. By the way, the free loan comparison also offers loan offers for couples whose credit rating is currently not getting a top grade. The credit for the wedding of a bank for difficult cases would be recognizable by the deferred credit check. From the perspective of the borrower, credit that has been successfully brokered is free of charge.

The requested bank pays a small fee for the loan brokerage service. Good Credit has another trump card for very difficult cases. The loan for the wedding would be possible from private. The decision to lend by private investors is not just economic thinking. The human component is often the decisive factor in bidding on a loan.

Helen Honey